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Control Locks

The Control Saver For Piper and Mooney Aircraft

Protect your aircraft controls from wind gusts and jet blasts with the Control Saver control lock from Airplane Things, Inc. They are available for Piper and Mooney aircraft.

The Control Saver is a specially-designed control lock for Piper and Mooney aircraft. It holds the ailerons in the neutral position and the stabilizer in the down position. This is the best position for the controls in high wind gusts and jet blasts, and this position makes entering and exiting your aircraft easier.

A Necessary Accessory for Your Aircraft

On Piper and Mooney aircraft, it is unnecessary to lock the rudder or rudder pedals because the rudder is held in place by its connections to the nose wheel. This means that your airplane can be towed safely with the Control Saver in place.

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To hold the controls in the forward position, a small bracket or screw-snap must be installed that the Control Saver snaps to. We only use pre-existing screws that go into the main structure of the airplane. To install, just remove the screw, put the bracket in place and re-install the screw. No cutting or drilling is necessary.

If you use a hangar, you still need the Control Saver when parked at other airports and when fueling or washing your plane. Also, your airplane will look good just sitting there with the ailerons in the neutral position and stabilizer in the down position.

Convenient & Durable

The Control Saver is easy to use and weighs less than 3 ounces. It\’s so small that it can be stored in an area as small as your shirt pocket. It\’s also extremely durable and has been tested in Seattle at Boeing Field in wind gusts up to 70 mph.